About NBS


The NBS was initiated by the Department for Health Evidence, the Department of Laboratory Medicine and the Department of Internal Medicine of the Radboud university medical center (RUMC). The Department of Human Genetics of the RUMC has joined the NBS project team in a later stage. Also, the municipality Nijmegen and the community health service Nijmegen were involved as collaborators in NBS1. The NBS is financed by the departments and agencies mentioned above and a grant from the so called ‘Vrije Beleidsruimte’ of the RUMC.


The NBS consists of a number of phases. Because too extensive measurements have a negative impact on participant response, we chose a phased model in which people in first instance only received a limited questionnaire and an invitation to donate a blood sample (NBS1). In following phases, they received an invitation for an extensive examination and additional questionnaires (NBS2-5). In phase 2-5 we joined forces with other departments within RUMC and the department of Human Nutrition of Wageningen University and Research Centre that were interested in specific data.